synthesis plants and power-to-X (PtX)

hähn makes the best out of your hydrogen! hähn hydrogen builds and plans individual chemical production plants for the manufacture of basic chemicals, kerosenes or synthetic fuels. 

Our production plants are available for the following processes according to the Modular-Plant-Concept:

  • Fischer-Tropsch process (carbonaceous products - gases, gasolines, kerosene, soft kerosene, hard kerosenes)
  • Haber-Bosch process (ammonia synthesis)
  • Methanol synthesis

You receive engineering, construction and operational support from a single source. As a result of the energy transition, smaller, more decentralized chemical production plants using power-to-X technology will increasingly emerge. The sector coupling (energy, industry, mobility) that emerges in this way allows entirely new markets and opportunities. 

In PtX technology, the (surplus) electricity (power) from renewable energies is used to produce and further process hydrogen in hydrogen generators / electrolysers instead of storing it as a chemical energy carrier, converting it back into electricity in fuel cells or directly using it as a material. The various processes involved in this further processing allow the production of low-CO2 synthetic fuels and basic materials for the chemical industry. X stands for the respective form of energy produced or the intended use (e.g. power-to-liquid for liquid fuels, power-to-chemicals for chemical feedstocks).

Methanolsynthesis by Hähn for a research contract

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